Biblical solutions for today’s problems.

A wellspring is the source of a spring or stream; a source of abundant supply.  The well contains life giving water and the spring is the source of that water.  The source of all life is GOD, the creator of heaven and earth.  The promise is the promises of God.   We will attempt to provide direction using the inspiring word of God for those in need.  This site was born from a call to help parents with a desire to raise extraordinary children in harsh self-loving culture.  These children will stand out from the crowd.  They will be kind to others in words and deeds.  The will encourage instead of making fun.  They will be obedient instead of rebellious.  They will do good things in their communities instead of causing trouble and terrorizing their neighbors.  Parents with these aspirations must be on their guard at all times holding themselves to the highest values and always looking for opportunities to teach them to their children.

The advice you will get from this site is Biblical.  Whether you are a Christian or not, the bible offers the answer to all of Life’s difficult questions.  Send us your questions, and God’s Words will give you new direction through the scripture.

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